Custom CoachWerks 356 B T/5 Coupe

Rollers & Turnkey Cars Now Available!

The CCW 356 Coupe can be ordered with options like air conditioning, adjustable ride height, and adjustable ride quality.

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Custom CoachWerks 356 Speedster

Guarantees the highest quality components & workmanship,

as well as superb performance, and pure driving fun!

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Custom CoachWerks 56′ Carrera GT

Over fifty years after it’s heralded unveiling,

this Porsche legend lives on in the 56′ Carrera GT, By Custom CoachWerks

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Build “The” Dream Car

Fully Customizable, from exterior, interior, to engine and transaxle.

Custom CoachWerks utilizes modern technologies and advanced manufacturing methodolgies to provide state of the art products & services.

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Build your dream vintage roadster, be it the 356 Classic Speedster or the almost impossible to attain 904 GTS racing machine. Custom Coachwerks is the premier builder and visionary custom coach house that allows you to customize your ultimate nostalgic auto.

At Custom CoachWerks we are passionate about the 50′s and 60′s and the amazing amount of development and competition in the world theater. It is our pleasure to build complete cars and sometimes offer do it yourself kits for some of our favorites from the manufacturers who helped catapult innovation and courage behind the wheel. Our cars are respectful tributes to several manufacturers & the cars they built in small quantity or have become nearly impossible to acquire, drive and enjoy. While we give tremendous attention to detail, have knowledge of the original vehicles and have a willingness to handcraft parts, we recognize that our cars are not original cars. Instead we try to capture the spirit and essence of road racing during a specific time period.

Our Services

  • CAD - Computer Aided Drafting
  • Hand shaping abilities
  • Metal Crafting
  • Composites Expertise
  • Engine Building
  • Transmission Modifying
  • Suspension Development
  • Custom body kits
  • Small production runs
  • Custom Shifters
  • Chassis Development
  • Custom Upholstery
  • Paint and Body Services
  • Restoration
  • Electrical Systems
  • Fabrication & Assembly


Now Available! The CCW 550 RS

Date Posted: 03/14/13